Detroit Strategic Plan for Technology & Data

The City of Detroit partnered with the AECOM team to lay the foundations for and develop a Strategic Plan for Technology & Data. The City was highly interested in technologies that can braid together existing assets to support and enhance long-term strategic objectives. These objectives include equitable connectivity and digital mobility for citizens, improved delivery of city services, enhanced operational efficiencies within city government, enhanced mobility throughout The City, and improved health, safety, and quality of life for Detroit residents. These objects are being pursued using data governance recommendations that do not sacrifice privacy and data security while also accelerating deployment of smart technologies in the city. The Strategic Plan will assist the City in evaluating its current Technology & Data related assets, identifying strategic priorities, guide the City in planning, procuring, implementing, and managing current and future investments, and act as a guiding document upon which an integrated technology strategy can be placed.

Detroit, MI, USA, USA

City of Detroit Department of Innovation & Technology (DOIT)

Technical advisement as part of AECOM team

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