Waterfront Code: Regulating Marine Structures in NYC

This project develops new building code for the New York City Department of Buildings to regulate the design, permitting, construction and maintenance of structures, construction, and development activity along the City’s waterfront and align with existing City, State, and Federal laws, codes and regulations. The Technical Research Phase includes identification of waterfront typologies; review of existing regulatory codes and maintenance requirements related to piers and other waterfront structures in the City and other jurisdictions; and preparation of a draft version of the code provisions for waterfront structures. The Code Drafting Phase prepares regulations for review by City agencies and the City Council. The Operations Development Phase identifies and creates an organizational structure and operational model, including developing processes, procedures, and policies for code adoption.

New York City, NY, USA

New York City Department of Buildings (NYCDOB)

Technical advisement as part of AECOM team

New York City Waterfront 02.jpg